Project has moved to GitHub and has new owner

I have stopped maintaining the Test Runner tool. Marco187 has created a GitHub repo for it and continues to improve it. Check-out his repo on GitHub:

Old Project Description
Simple command-line tool to run MSTest unit tests without Visual Studio. The main purpose is to run integration tests in staging environments.

Visual Studio comes with a command-line tool to execute unit tests written for the MSTest framework. The limitation with this tool is that Visual Studio must be installed on the machine where you are running the tests. In some scenarios it make sense to code integration tests with the MSTest framework and run these in your staging environments. Usually after you have deployed a new version of the application to ensure that you did not break any existing functionality. Typically you only want to install Visual Studio on development machines and that's why I built Testrunner.

Download the executable and point to the assembly containing the unit tests (put it into the same directory as the executable):

Brick.MSTestRunner.exe Brick.DemoTest.UnitTest.dll

The tool loads the assembly, uses reflection to find all methods decorated with the TestInitializeAttribute as well as TestMethodAttribute and executes these. If there is a config file side by side with the assembly such as Brick.DemoTest.UnitTest.config it is loaded and the settings are applied to the current application domain.

The test results are only written to the standard output. If you want to save the output to a file you can redirect the standard output like so:

Brick.MSTestRunner.exe Brick.DemoTest.UnitTest.dll > testresults.txt

The current version supports tests written in .NET 4.x. The older version, which is not maintained anymore, supports .NET 2.x tests.

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